bunnyNature FreshGrass Hay:

Hay is a basic food for many animals. The percentage of hay in the menu is high and so its quality is very important. This is a decisive factor for the degree of acceptance but also for a balanced diet and for meeting need requirements holistically. bunny FreshGrass Hay provides the highest quality with maximum plant diversity.

pure natureApplesblossomsrosehipCamomileCarrotsVital-VegetablesGarden Happiness
pure nature

FreshGrass Hay pure nature

Single food for dwarf rabbits & rodents with natural nutrients and roughage

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 12% · crude fibre 23%

FreshGrass Hay Apples

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents (except dwarf hamsters & degus) combined with vitamin-rich apple

Hay, apples (10%)

FreshGrass Hay blossoms

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents combined with precious blossoms

Hay, malva blossoms, marigold blossoms, rose blossoms, camomile blossoms (blossoms 1,5%)

FreshGrass Hay rosehip

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents combined with tasty rosehips

Hay, rosehip peel (5%)

FreshGrass Hay Camomile

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents with added aromatic camomile

Hay, camomile blossoms (6%)

FreshGrass Hay Carrots

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents combined with carrots, which are rich in beta-carotene

Hay, carrots (10%)

FreshGrass Hay Vital-Vegetables

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents combined with vegetables rich in roughage and minerals

Hay, beetroot, sweet pepper, parsnips (vegetables 6%)
Garden Happiness

FreshGrass Hay Garden Happiness

Mixed food for dwarf rabbits & rodents with natural nutrients and roughage

Hay, carrots, parsley root, chicory root, celery, rosehip peel, birch leaves, cornflower blossoms, marigold blossoms, currant leaves, cowslip, rose blossoms (vegetables 2,6%, blossoms 0,2%, leaves 0,2%)

Plant diversity, processing and fibre structure are decisive factors for premium hay. We ensure consistent product quality with our high quality demands.

We ensure that the hay provides maximum taste and nutrients to the animals through its diversity of plants. In order for it not to get lost during processing, only hay that has been gently dried indoors is used. In this way we avoid damaging environmental factors and the hay remains natural, just like directly from the harvest, without any loss of vitamins.

And because hay should be rich in fibres, crunchy & dust-free, only this kind of quality hay goes into our bags. That‘s because crunchy stalks and optimum crude fibre content is necessary for optimum teeth wear and a healthy gastro-intestinal tract. Dust simply doesn‘t belong in a hay bag. Quite the opposite, it is rather questionable for the respiratory tract and eye areas of the animals.

We ensure particularly good hay quality so that the animals do well.

Origin, quality and processing

  • natural plant diversity
    natural plant diversity
  • gentle indoor drying
    gentle indoor drying
  • rich in fibres, crisp & dust-free
    rich in fibres, crisp & dust-free
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